CryptoHero 1.4, Release Note

Release date: October 12, 2021

Our team is proud to finally announce the launch of CryptoHero v1.4. Check out the cool features which are in store in this version. We thank our users for their continuous support throughout the last couple of months as we aim to produce the best and easiest to use crypto trading bot for all of our users.

Please note that v1.4 is in BETA mode. Expect some bugs but we will do our best to resolve them.

New Enhanced User Interface for Web App

New Enhanced UI is available to all users on Web App.

Our new Web App's UI is now much more attractive and offers various color themes to suit an individual's preference for color variety. In addition to our current bright mode, CryptoHero's v1.4 now offers

Simple Bots

Simple Bots are available to all users.

Our Simple Bots are what our users have been enjoying in the last few versions. Our experienced trading team has incorporated knowledge into the bots in order to shield advanced trading techniques and parameters from new traders. The aim of the Simple Bots is to offer quick and easy to run bots for most users.

Advanced Bots

Advanced Bots are available only for Premium and Professional subscribers.

For users who yearn for full control over the bot's behaviour, our Advanced Bots offer them just that. Advanced Bots offers granular settings for each technical indicator and, hence, are aptly suited for experienced traders who know what values, techniques and parameters work for them.

Advanced Bots give experienced traders the ability to concoct their "secret sauce" into the bot itself with the hope of generating a higher alpha than other traders. "Alpha" is a fund management lingo which simply means a greater than average return among comparable peers.

Another cool feature in Advanced Bot is the ability to set a minimum profit level when an indicator exit condition is met. This means if the indicator condition is met for exit but the minimum profit level is not met, the bot will not exit the position.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Bots

DCA Bots are available only for Premium and Professional subscribers.

DCA bots offer a way for users to accumulate assets throughout a time period. CryptoHero's DCA bot offers several entry conditions (when to accumulate the designated asset) to cater to the various needs of users.

MACD Indicator

MACD is available to all users.

MACD is a popular technical indicator used by traders to predict trends. Read our MACD brief in this guide to learn more.

Trailing Stoploss (TSL)

TSL is available to Premium and Professional users.

Trailing Stoploss allows a trader to secure profits from their trades should the market turns bearish. CryptoHero offers two types of TSL:

  • Fixed TSL increases the stoploss price level as the asset price goes up by a fixed percentage interval from the original buy price.

  • Variable TSL offers utmost flexibility to the traders in setting variable stoploss price levels depending on how much the asset's price has moved.

Trading Terminal > Stop Limit

Trigger Order and Stop Limit is available to Premium and Professional users. For Binance exchange only.

A trader can now set XX% Stop Limit for a manual trade in CryptoHero's Trading Terminal. If XX = 5%, it means that CryptoHero will sell the asset if the price of the asset falls below 5% of the asset's all time high price.

New 2 Hour Trading Frequency

This feature is available to Premium and Professional users.

Our new 2 hour trading frequency gives experienced CryptoHero users a faster reaction to market movements as well as filling in the huge time gap between 1 hour and 4 hour.

Enhanced Server Capacity

This feature is available to all users.

Our servers are now on greater capacity with the aim of reducing latency. This will offer a smoother experience for our users across our Web and Mobile Apps. CryptoHero v1.4 also boasts of a more efficient architecture which is able to process thousands of bots per second with minimal latency.

Priority Processing

This feature is available to Premium and Professional users.

As our users increase in number, the resources required for all the bots to process their various entry and exit conditions will increase exponentially. Hence, all Premium and Professional users will have their bots' processes running in a dedicated architecture and given the highest priority. Free users' bots processing times are still maintained within our acceptable level.

10 x Extra Orders

This feature is available to Premium and Professional users.

All Premium and Professional users will be able to configure up to 10 Extra Orders, up from the existing 5 Extra Orders.

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