CryptoHero Guide
Advanced Bots
Available to Premium and Professional users.
Advanced Bots give users absolute control over the parameters associated with a technical indicator. New users or traders are strongly advised to understand how a technical indicator works before trying to configure the indicator's parameters.
New 2 Hour Trading Frequency is available in Advanced bot
To access the settings, simply add Advanced Bot (only Premium and Professional users will be able to) and choose the technical indicator.
(Advanced Bot)
Click the settings icon in the green box. The parameter window will pop up. An example for Bollinger Band is shown below.
(Entry parameter setting for Bollinger Band)
Please note that this setting applies to the Entry indicator values. If you add Bollinger Band to your exit condition and click on the settings icon, you will see the corresponding Exit indicator values.
(Exit parameter setting for Bollinger Band)
You may also choose a different Period for each Entry and Exit indicator values.
This User Guide will not dwell into the mechanics of each parameter for every technical indicator. This subject requires your own self-study.
You can configure Entry and Exit parameters
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