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  1. Mouseover your Profile icon on the top right and select API Management

2. Enter a new label for the API key. You can call it "CryptoHero". Click Create.

3. You will be prompted with a Security Verification popup. Please complete the verification process.

4. Congratulations! Your API Key has been created.

Do not navigate away from the page before adding the API to CryptoHero. The Secret Key page is only shown once. Do not give anyone else access to your API or make unsecured backups of the Secret Key or QR code.

5. Copy the API Key into the API Key section in CryptoHero. Copy the Private Key and paste it into the "API Secret" section in CryptoHero.

6. Make sure that Read Only and Enable Trade permissions are enabled. Do NOT enable withdrawals. We repeat - do NOT enable withdrawals.

7. After you have successfully connected to your Tokocrypto account, your CryptoHero Exchange Status will show a "Fully Operational" message as shown below:

Be sure to grant "Enable Trade" and "Read Only" permissions. NEVER NEVER NEVER grant "Withdrawal" permission to the API.

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