Before proceeding, please make sure that you have enabled 2FA with Mexc Global. 2FA includes additional security measures like Google Authenticator.

  1. Mouseover the "Profile" icon and select API from the drop down menu

2. Check the following three boxes as shown in the image below:

Do NOT check the withdraw boxes as CryptoHero does not handle any withdrawals

3. For Notes, enter a descriptive word like "CryptoHero" for this API.

4. Leave the IP address field empty and click Create

5. You will be prompted with a Security Verification. If you have not already completed 2FA setup, you need to do it before proceeding.

6. After you passed the Security Verification step, a new window showing the Access Key and Secret Key will appear. Do NOT close this window yet.

7. Go to your CryptoHero account and navigate to the Settings > Exchange API page.

8. Select Mexc from CryptoHero's Add New Exchange drop down menu.

9. Copy and paste the Access Key (from step 6) into the API Key field.

10. Copy and paste the Secret Key (from step 6) into the API Secret field.

11. Click Add Exchange button.

12. If the API keys are valid, CryptoHero will be connected to Mexc and you will see Mexc in the Connected Exchanges list.

13. You may return to Mexc and close the API keys window.

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