Bitget Futures

Please follow the steps below to connect Bitget Futures

I. Click on the API Keys menu option on the left menu

II. Click the "Create API Key" button

III. Click the "System Generated API Key" button

IV. You will see the following window pop up

a. Enter a description for this API key. In this example, we have named it "CryptoHero Futures"

b. Give a unique Passphrase for this API key. Make sure you retain and remember this Passphrase.

c. Select Read-write

d. Check the following boxes as shown in the image below:

Do NOT check the box beside the "Name" text as this will enable ALL permissions.

V. Click the Next button

VI. You will be prompted to complete a verification process. After you have finished this, a window will appear to display the Access API Key and the Secret Key.

VII. Copy the Access API Key and Secret Key into CryptoHero >> Bitget Futures respective text fields.

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