CryptoHero Telegram Policy

Our Telegram Group is located at

CryptoHero runs an official Telegram Group. The aim of this group is to foster positive community engagements as well as to provide technical support to our users. All users within our Telegram Group must adhere and agree to the following CryptoHero Telegram Policy and Terms of Use


  1. All users who require technical support MUST send a message directed to us through the following steps:

  • View the list of members in our Telegram group.

  • PM the user "CryptoHero" with the "admin" tag (see image). The "admin" title is NEVER part of a user's Telegram ID. Our official handle is @novumgroup

Users who repeatedly sent their technical support messages in the group chat may result in their accounts been banned.

2. Any message of a technical support nature sent to the group chat will result in the message been deleted. Any impatient vents of frustrations will result in the account been banned from the CryptoHero Telegram group. We want to uphold a positive and productive group environment. Our technical support team will always do our best to resolve your issues. Please be patient with us.

3. Any user who publishes advertisings and/or objectionable content will result in his or her account to be immediately and permanently banned.

4. Users are strongly encouraged to help one another. Please refrain from derogatory/shaming behaviour. Repeated offenders may result in their accounts been banned.

5. We are not responsible for any losses (financial or otherwise) due to your use of our CryptoHero Telegram group. So, please be alert and do not fall prey to scammers. Do not easily believe anyone who message you and claims to belong to our team unless you have previously PM us (with admin titles) directly.

6. For the main CryptoHero Telegram group as stated in the header of this page, only English content will be accepted. Non-English content will be deleted. Offenders may be banned without warning.

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