Gate IO

  1. 1.
    Click your Profile icon on the top right of the page.
(click the leftmost icon)
2. Select API Management from the drop down menu
(Select the "APIv4 Keys" option)
3. You will see the APIv4 Keys page. Click the Create new API Key button.
(Click "Create new API Key" button)
4. The next page will prompt you for additional security checks. After you have cleared the checks, you will be shown the "Create API Key" window as shown below.
(Be sure to enable the right permission)
5. You can name your API Key as "CryptoHero" in the Remark text box.
6. Be sure to enable the permissions for
  • Spot/Margin Trade (Read and Write)
  • Wallet (Read Only)
Never enable Withdraw permission.
7. Click the Create and Confirm button.
8. The next window will show the Key and Secret values. Copy the Key value to CryptoHero's API key text field. Copy the Secret value to CryptoHero's Secret key text field.
9. Click Add Exchange button in CryptoHero.
10. If it is successful, Gate.IO will appear in the list of Connected Exchanges.