1. API Management

Sign up for a Binance account or Sign into an existing account. Hover over the profile section and select API Management.

2. Create a New API

You can create multiple APIs, Name each API accordingly so that they are identifiable and can be managed accordingly.

3. Verify Email

Check your registered email for a confirmation email, click on the link in the email and the API should be created. If you don't see any emails from Binance, check out this help article to troubleshoot receiving a confirmation email.

4. Add API to CryptoHero

Do not navigate away from the page before adding the API to CryptoHero. The Secret Key page is only shown once. Do not give anyone else access to your API or make unsecured backups of the Secret Key or QR code.

Use the scan QR code function on CryptoHero to add the API immediately or if you are on the same device, you can use the copy and paste function for both the API Key and the Secret Key. Make sure you use unrestricted IP address.

Be sure to grant "Enable Trading" permission. NEVER NEVER NEVER grant "Withdrawal" permission to our API.