CryptoHero 2, The Future is Here

Release notes on our latest version

Our team is proud to announce the release of CryptoHero v2! This release culminates in months of hard work to offer what is possibly the best crypto trading bot in the market.

Take a look at what our new V2 has in store for you:

Futures Trading Is Finally Here!

For traders who trade the Futures market, they will know that futures trading incorporates its own set of unique trading dynamics and parameters. The trading terminals for Futures markets are usually very different from those for spot markets. As a result, our team has spent much time designing our own Futures bot trading interface and parameters. The trick is to avail much of what Futures trading has to offer and yet keep the user-experience friendly and intuitive. This design philosophy is now embodied in our latest CryptoHero v2. We hope our users will love the new futures trading interface.

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Trailing Take Profit

In addition to our Trailing Stoploss feature, CryptoHero v2 now offers Trailing Take Profit that allows a trader to take profits in tandem with price appreciation.

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Compulsory Indicators

Users will now be able to set an indicator as a requirement for the bot to enter or exit a deal. More than one indicator can be configured as required indicators giving traders the full flexibility in using this tool.

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Multiple Similar Indicators

Traders can now add multiple indicators of the same type. For example, a trader can add multiple RSI indicators to cover multiple strategies such as different time periods.

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New Sharpe Ratio and Max Drawdown Statistics

In order to better determine the quality of a bot's strategy, we are proud to introduce two new statistics called Sharpe Ratio and Max Drawdown. During a backtest, a user will be able to view these two statistics. For live trading mode, a bot will report a dynamically changing Sharpe Ratio as more deals get completed.

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Miscellaneous Quality Of Life

  • Backtest window increased for 15m trading frequency

  • User can now stop a bot after the current deal ends

  • New Master subscription plan that offers our heavy-users up to 100 active bots

  • Multi-region server federation architecture for faster speed and processing for global users

  • Server-side bugs fix

  • Futures-trading adaptation for all bots

  • Many other small features (for your own discovery ;) )

We hope you will enjoy the new features present in our new CryptoHero v2.

Even right now, as our team is preparing the launch for v2, work for the new CryptoHero v2.1 has already started! Yes, we are not resting as we continue to work hard towards building the best crypto trading bot in the cryptoverse - if not already one!

Thank you for supporting CryptoHero!

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