Bots Marketplace

For Traders - By Traders
CryptoHero's Bots Marketplace is a revolutionary marketplace that aims to make it very easy for users new to the world of automated trading and/or CryptoHero to immediately take advantage of well-performing crypto trading bots.
For our experienced CryptoHero users, the Bots Marketplace offers them a way to earn some income and hopefully, over time, these income would grow in a meaningful and sustained way.
User experience was a key driver in our entire design and development process. At every step of the way, we want to ensure that the process of selecting a bot is just a matter of a few-clicks.
The Bots Marketplace is open to Premium and Professional users. Users on paid plans will be able to rent bots from the Bots Marketplace.

Bot Listing Criteria

Not all bots qualify for listing in the Bots Marketplace. In addition, submission of a qualified bot does not mean it will automatically be approved for listing in the Bots Marketplace. Our team will review each submission and will maintain full and absolute discretion on whether to list a submitted bot.
Know the terms
In order to ensure that bots on the Marketplace are of a certain standard, we have created the following list of criteria for a bot to qualify for submission:
W/L Ratio
No. Of Deals
The listing criteria is subject to change.
If a user, who lists his/her bots, loses his/her Premium or Professional plan (due to cancellation or payment default), all submitted bots will remain under the user account for 14 days before they are being transferred to CryptoHero. This is to provide uninterrupted usage experience for users who paid for the bots. After the bots are transferred to CryptoHero, all revenue will accrue to us.

Listing Fee And Payment

CryptoHero charges a 30% platform fee. This fee will be deducted automatically in the Bots Marketplace management console accessible to Paid and Professional plan users. A user may request for payment at any time by clicking on the Request Payment button. There is a minimum 20 USD requirement in order for a payment to be made. All payments will be made in USDT and the user is responsible for all transfer fees. We may take up to 60 days for a payment request to be processed.

Renting A Bot

All users on our paid plans can rent a bot. The Marketplace bot that is been rented is known as a bot template. The bot template will appear under the Rent tab in the Bots page. A user who rented a bot template can create up to two bots from one single bot template.
A user can opt to pay for the bot template on a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment schedule. If a user defaults on a payment, all bots created from the bot template will become inactive immediately.
Backtest will not be offered for a bot template. This is to prevent reverse-engineering of the bot template's strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a bot listed on the Bots Marketplace. I would like to make changes to the bot's settings. Can I do that?
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Terms and Conditions

All users who rent or offer their bots on the Bots Marketplace must read and agree to the Bots Marketplace Terms and Conditions.