Bots Processing Priority

CryptoHero is a cloud-based crypto trading bot platform. This means at any one time we are running thousands of processes (the bots) for all our users. In order to ensure optimal user experience through a responsive trade execution system, we have prioritize the processing of the bots into the following tiers:

Live Exchanges

Premium and Professional Users: High

Free Users: Moderate

CryptoHero Internal Paper Exchange

Premium and Professional Users: High

Free Users: Low

What It Means?

If a bot is allocated under the High Priority queue, the trade execution is almost instantaneous (barring unforeseen circumstances like network congestion, etc). For users on our free plan and trying our Paper exchange, the priority is set to be the lowest. This will mean that at times, the bot may miss a trade entry even though the trigger condition is met. For live exchanges, our processing priority is set to be as optimal as possible for users on our free plan.

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