Coinbase Pro

Please note that Coinbase is going to sunset their Pro platform. For API integration for the new consolidated Coinbase platform, please read our Coinbase API integration guide.
  1. 1.
    Click your Profile button on the top right of your account main page
  2. 2.
    Click on the API option
(click the API option)
3. Click the Create New API key button
(click the New API Key button)
4. Configure your API as shown in the picture below
(be sure to check View and Trade checkboxes)
5. You may enter your new Passphrase. Be sure to remember the Passphrase. Copy the Passphrase into your CryptoHero app. Click the Create API Key button.
6. Depending on your security settings, you maybe prompted to enter your 2FA code.
(enter the code and click the Add An API Key button)
7. Important! Coinbase Pro will only display your API Secret on a pop up. Copy this API Secret into your CryptoHero app for the API Secret field.
(copy the API Secret)
8. You will be directed back to your API Keys page.
(Your newly created API Key)
9. Copy the string of values displayed right below "Default Portfolio". This is your API Key value. Copy this value into the API Key field in your CryptoHero account.