Please note that your funds in OKX must be in the Trading account. You can transfer the funds to your Trading account in your OKX >> Assets >> Transfer page.

1. API Management

Sign up for an OKEx account or Sign in to an existing account. Hover over the profile section and select API.

2. Create API

Click the Create API button. You will see the following page:

Check the "API trading" option

Give the API a name. You can name it "CryptoHero". You can create multiple APIs, Name each API accordingly so that they are identifiable and can be managed accordingly.

Enter a unique Passphrase. Be sure to write this down as you will need to enter it in CryptoHero. A passphrase is needed to create the API, this is not the account password and can be set individually for each API.

Check the permissions Read AND Trade.

Do NOT check the Withdraw permission. CryptoHero will never ever withdraw your funds.

Click the Confirm button.

A verification window will appear. Please fulfil the verification checks.

3. View API

Once the API is created, click on view. To view the newly created API you'll need to authenticate with a secondary verification method via Google Authenticator or SMS.

4. Add API to CryptoHero

Use the scan QR code function on CryptoHero to add the API immediately or if you are on the same device, you can use the copy and paste function for both the API Key and the Secret Key. OKEx requires you to enter the passphrase used to creating the API in CryptoHero.

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