1. Login to your Bitget Account

  2. Mouse over your profile icon and select API Management.

3. Click the [Create new API] button. A pop up window will appear.

4. There are TWO important things you need to do.

4a) Enter your Passphrase and note it down. You will need to enter this Passphrase in CryptoHero.

4b) Check the permission box "Trade".

Be sure to note the Passphrase as you will need to enter this same Passphrase in CryptoHero.

Make sure you check the TRADE permission box

5. Leave the IP Address field blank. Complete the rest of the verification process.

6. A new window will appear showing your Access API Key and Secret Key.

7. Do NOT close this window.

8. Go to your CryptoHero app. Click on Settings >> Exchange API.

9. Select Bitget from the drop down list box.

10. Copy the Access API Key into the CryptoHero API Key text box.

11. Copy the Secret Key into CryptoHero API Secret text box.

12. Copy your Passphrase (from step 4 above) into CryptoHero Passphrase text box.

13. Click Add Exchange.

14. If you are successful, you will see Bitget listed in the Connected Exchanges and the Exchange status will be Fully Operational.

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