URL: https://kucoin.com

  1. Mouseover your Profile icon on the top right of the page.

2. Click on the API Management option from the drop down menu

3. Please note that Kucoin requires you to setup your 2FA and Trading Password before you are able to create API keys.

4. If you have already setup your 2FA and Trading Password, the API Management screen will be shown as follows

5. Give your API a name. Follow the settings shown in the image below.

6. Remember the API Passphrase. It would be good to enter this API Passphrase into your CryptoHero app at this point.

7. Click the Next button. You will see a Security Verification page.

8. After you have passed the security verification, you will see a pop up containing your API keys. Copy the Key and Secret into your CryptoHero app. Be sure to enter the same Passphrase which you had set in step 6 above.

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