Trading Terminal

Only available for Spot trading

CryptoHero has a Trading Terminal which allows our users to execute trades as if they are using the native crypto exchange's terminal. The CryptoHero Trading Terminal offers several advantages to our users:

  • Easily switch between crypto exchange accounts to perform trades without the need to re-login again.

  • Acts as a failover mechanism for traders to execute trades via API during times of duress such as abnormal market activities (like a flash crash).

  • Offers an wholistic view of a trader's fund management in conjunction with the running of CryptoHero's bots.

The latest Trading Terminal also offers several features which maybe useful to our users - Trigger order type and Stop Limit

Stoploss Limit

Stoploss Limit feature is available to Premium and Professional users.

Now, users will be able to place stoploss for manual trades executed via CryptoHero's Trading Terminal.

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