Quick Start

A tutorial guide on how to quickly and easily setup a CryptoHero bot

CryptoHero allows you to automate trades right from your phone. No coding skills needed. Trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum with bots based on technical indicators 24/7. CryptoHero Basic is FREE. Install CryptoHero and get your first bot running in just 5 simple steps.

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1. Asset

Start by connecting an exchange or use a simulated paper trading account. Once an exchange has been connected, a list of available cryptocurrencies on the exchange will be available to select. A long strategy requires the quoted currency, USDT in the example and a short strategy requires the base currency, BTC in the example. CryptoHero trades spot markets.

Paper TradingExchange APIStrategies

2. Trade Parameters

CryptoHero will pull your balance data live from the exchange and determine the available balance to assign to the bot. Set the allocation of funds and how the bot handles the fund here.

Trading Parameters

3. Entry Conditions

CryptoHero allows different rules for entering and exiting a Deal. Users may enter with BB and exit with EMA or set up multiple 'and' and 'or' rules with multiple indicators.

Entry / Exit ConditionsTechnical IndicatorsBots and Deals

4. Exit Conditions

Exit Conditions using a technical indicator is not a requirement. Users can choose to exit using Take Profit or simply using Stop-loss for a buy and hold strategy. Stop-loss and Take Profit are not considered indicators and will be prioritised ahead of any indicators set, prioritising Stop-loss before Take Profit.

Entry / Exit ConditionsTechnical Indicators

5. Backtesting

You may now backtest your strategy across different time frames to ensure the strategy is viable. Past performance does not indicate future results, backtesting is only a tool to evaluate a bot based on historical data.


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