Coinbase (New)

This is the NEW Coinbase API integration (based on the new Coinbase Developer Platform) that will be supported soon on CryptoHero.

For now, please generate Legacy Key by going to Coinbase API page. Then visit the Coinbase integration guide.

Do NOT follow the instructions below!

  1. Login to your Coinbase account

  2. Click API Keys option in the Developer Platform.

  3. Give a name for your API key. E.g. "CryptoHero"

  4. Leave the IP whitelist field blank.

  5. Check the box "Trade (execute trades on your behalf)". See image below.

Click the Create & download button.

The next step is IMPORTANT!

Coinbase will display a pop up window showing your API key name and Private key.

Copy the ENTIRE API key name value into CryptoHero's API Key field.

Copy the ENTIRE Private key value into CryptoHero's API Secret field.

Click Add Exchange in CryptoHero.

If the API keys are valid, CryptoHero will display Coinbase in the list of Connected Exchanges.

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