Dashboard keeps track of all your bots, providing a snap shot of all funds that are available for use by bots, or if they are already in use.

CryptoHero keeps an internal ledger of portfolio balances, separated into 3 sections, to ensure bots work correctly as intended and can execute on orders smoothly.

Total Balance

All cryptocurrency balances are retrieved in real-time. CryptoHero supports only spot trading at the moment, only spot trading wallet balances will be retrieved. If you have previously opened a margin trading account, please make sure to move funds back from your margin wallet to the spot trading wallet.

Active Orders

Active Orders are cryptocurrency that are orders placed in order books that have not been filled or deals that have not completed an exit order. Bots that has completed deals and are now waiting for another entry trigger will go into Reserved.

Profits of completed deals with Dynamic Base Order will go into Reserved to be made available for the next entry trigger. Profits of a completed deals with Static Base Order will go into the Available balance.

Reserved Funds

Reserved balances are the total Fund Allocation that has been set aside each time a new bot is created. Once an entry has been triggered, the respective amount will be moved to Active balance. Reserved balance will contain Extra Orders that has not been triggered yet.

Available Funds

Available Funds is the usable cryptocurrency to start creating a new bot.

Available Funds = Total Balance - (Active Orders + Reserved Funds) 

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