CryptoHero allows you get started immediately by suggesting bot configurations and assets, copying those settings to create a bot immediately. Every possible configuration and assets are periodically tested and updated on the Discover section. Aside from the bot performance, technical analysis breakdowns are also available to assist in decision making in real-time.

One Click Setup

You may create a same bot with just one click on the bot icon or can choose to copy a URL that can be shared and usable on both iOS and Web. Copying a bot this way will just require you to input your own asset allocation. You will still be able to edit configurations to include other automations such as take profit or stoploss.
Upon copying the bot, detailed information and trading metrics is shown on the trading summary and trades are broken down.

Technical Indicators Supported

Real-time technical indicator data are used to assist in making decision based on current data. A detailed breakdown and exact values can be seen when hovering over the indicator value such as Oversold or Overbought.
Moving Averages
RSI (14)
EMA (7, 20, 50, 100, 200)
Stoch RSI (14)
Each technical indicator's value is weighted and contributes to an overall rating score to indicate a suggested direction based on it's current trend or momentum. From Strong Sell, Sell, Neutral, Buy and Strong Buy.