1. Select API Management from your Profile drop down menu.

2. Name the API Key as "CryptoHero"

3. If you not setup Google or SMS Authentication, you will need to complete this step first. After you have completed this step, repeat step 1.

4. You will be prompted for Email and your selected Authentication verification code.

5. After the security step has been successfully verified, you will be shown your API Key. Keep this page.

6. Open a new browser window and login to CryptoHero and go to Settings >> Exchange API.

7. Select Felix from the exchange drop down menu.

8. Copy the API Key from Felix.com (step 5) into CryptoHero API Key text field. Copy the Private Key from Felix.com into CryptoHero API Secret text field. Click Add Exchange.

9. If your API keys are legitimate, CryptoHero will connect to your Felix account successfully.

Make sure Read only and Enable Trade permissions are checked.

NEVER NEVER Enable withdrawals

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