Make sure that you have already setup your Google Authenticator as a 2FA
  1. 1.
    Mouseover your Profile icon and click on API management
(click API management)
2. Click the Create API button
3. You will see the following pop up:
(Create API window)
4. Enter "CryptoHero" into the Tags field.
5. Make sure that ONLY Read Only and Spot Trading boxes are checked. Leave the IP address field empty.
6. Enter your Google 2FA.
7. You will see the following on the next page:
(API keys created)
8. Do NOT close this page yet.
9. Now, login to your CryptoHero account and navigate to Settings > Exchange API.
10. Select Hoo from the CryptoHero Exchange API drop down menu as shown in the image below.
11. Copy the API Key (from step 7) into CryptoHero's API Key field.
12. Copy the Secret Key (from step 7) into CryptoHero's API Secret field.
13. Click on Add Exchange button.
14. If the API keys are valid, Hoo exchange will be listed in the Connected Exchanges box.
15. You may now navigate away from the Hoo exchange API page.